tSc’s Inventory for Debian Family Hardening

October 15, 2014

Over the years I have accumulated many pages of changes, fixes and improvements to choose from when installing new Debian and Ubuntu systems. Eventually came the thought of organizing it all for public use and long story short, here it finally is.

While the content as a whole is (well, I consider it to be) a constant work in progress, the intent is to follow Debian Stable and Ubuntu LTS desktop releases. The span of topics is broad but here are the main categories from the table of contents.

Preparation | Encryption | Installation and Backup | Passkeys | Package Management | Disabling and Blacklisting Services | Permissions | Filesystem | Network | Network Sharing | AppArmor and Malware Scanners | Web Browsers | General Performance | Miscellaneous


SHA256 checksum: 85d93405fe7debdc5783efa8bfe04e2ef5b4252c2b12915b8edf9aefa95f52ba

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