What Is This Place?

the_simple_computer is a site for information on how to protect yourself when using a computer by minimizing general security risks, online tracking, behavioral profiling and data theft.

tSc provides all original content. This site is independently funded, advertisement free, not for profit, FOSS (free and open source software) supportive and releases content in the form of quality, not quantity. What’s discussed here will effectively protect against malicious internet users, intrusive marketing companies & advertisers and low-level surveillance/government threats.

However, given the state of today’s world, we must not forget that there are individuals and organizations with much more resources who are literally not bound by law or location. So practice common sense, hone good judgment and be proactive against threats, not reactive.

What Is Infosocial Awareness?

At the heart of infosocial awareness is the premise that, by hardening the computing environment of other people, you in turn harden your own as well. When other peoples’ data and privacy are at risk, so are yours.

tSc and Your Info

the_simple_computer was written in HTML 5 and CSS 3 with a touch of JavaScript. The site does not use cookies, etags or other identifiers of any kind and scripts are optional. Sources of non-original design content on this site:

  • Background image found on wallz.eu.
  • JavaScript library is jQuery.
  • Search bar JavaScript by Tipue.
  • Font icons from Font Awesome.
  • Share icons from Iconfinder.
  • Heading font is Bree Serif Regular from Type Together.
  • The overall page HTML/CSS ‘theme’ I made myself. If you want it to use for your own site, it’s not licensed or anything. Just use it. Wget the index.html and /styles/default.css files.

Copyright terms for use of all other content on thesimplecomputer.info are outlined by Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0.

This site is hosted in the United States at LogicWeb. CPanel records the most recent 1,000 site hits which are constantly being rotated out as new visitors view pages. This is a function of CPanel and cannot be changed by the client (me, this site’s owner) with a shared hosting plan. These logs contain a visitor’s IP address and browser user agent string, the date & time of page access and referring URL.

The site’s Apache server also records logs with the same info as above and I personally delete these log files every month if not sooner. I do not retain, share or sell any visitor information from any source. This, however, and in actuality, means little to nothing. LogicWeb has their own privacy policy and commitments which include governance over these logs and any connections made to this site. Similar applies to the datacenter LogicWeb’s servers are in, as well as the backdoored and/or silently pwned switches, routers, tap-in points and other sources of traffic capture lining the path between any individual and any website they view.

Email tSc at: [email protected]

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