A Gift to Renew All Ages

Dear readers, Not to creep anyone out, but I’d like to announce that I know something unique about all of you. Now relax, because this revelation doesn’t come from sniffing browser histories or stalking social networks. Rather, I mean this in a Morephus-esque sorta way: When you seek, you instantly begin to discover…or whatever motivational, …

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AppArmor tSc Style

Recently I’ve been putting together some Apparmor profiles for default and useful internet facing programs in Ubuntu-based distros. They’re completely custom made and much more restrictive than the default profiles from the repositories. Here’s the catch though—these are base profiles for you to easily build on. These are NOT drop-in solutions for 100% functionality right from the …

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tSc’s Firefox Tweak Guide

This page was originally made to show the differences in several benchmark scores between a totally default Firefox 7.0.1 and FF with the often recommended about:config tweaks for better network performance. A lot has changed since version 7. I re-ran the benchmarks in Firefox 38 and the config changes which once showed a measurable improvement …

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